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September, 2017    

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In our article this month, Hugo Salinas Price, a multi-billionaire, reveals a scheme being launched by the Chinese, by year end, which he says "will affect the entire world". 

Here's the scheme: Exporters of oil to China will agree to accept the Yuan (Chinese currency) for payment. The Yuan received by oil exporters will also be exchangeable for gold bought outside of China. As more oil exporters choose to exchange gold for oil, the demand for physical gold will rise dramatically, thereby causing the price of gold to soar.

While it is impossible to know the full future impact of the relationship between oil, the world's most important commodity, and gold, the world's true money, one can be assured that the price of gold will dramatically increase while the value of the Dollar and Yuan will surely go down.

We at Eagle European Capital LLC., agree with Hugo Salinas Price's statement that gold and silver, which was "money" in Biblical days, will return to the place of being "money" or commonly used currency once again. 

Gold and silver coins and bullion are real, tangible assets that are transportable and not subject to a third party, if held in one's personal possession. 

Now is the time to purchase gold and silver coins and bullion while prices are reasonable and availability is good. 

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