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September,  2015  
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Many regard Germany as the strongest country in Europe that brings much needed stability to the rest of Europe. However, there is trouble brewing. The German DAX stock index is down about 20% from the April high. Further, a very prestigious and influential German bank named Deutsche Bank has been making news for the wrong reasons. Just as Lehman Brothers, who was too “big to fail”, gave us warning signs, Deutsche Bank wreaks of corporate corruption and recklessness.

Before Lehman Brothers' sudden collapse on September 15, 2008, there were reports in the media of massive layoffs in March and August of 2008. Now Deutsche Bank is laying off almost 25% of their workforce. In addition, over the past three years, they have paid out over $9 billion to settle legal litigation.

So the question remains, Is Deutsche Bank the next Lehman Brothers? A ripple effect from such a collapse would be felt globally.

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Published September 24, 2015, in Reuters.com
by Thomas Atkins AND Kathrin Jones


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