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September,  2016   
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John Embry, who served as the Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Sprott Asset Management, LP until 2014, is an expert in precious metals investments. He warns that global implosion is moving from ‘gradually’ to ‘suddenly’. Embry states, “The root of the problem is actually easily identifiable. The entire world went on an epic debt binge over the past 30+ years and now the bill is coming due.”

Embry reports that the authorities and their mainstream media accomplices are “manipulating all markets and producing bogus statistics and commentary on the state of the economy.” He makes a case that numerous disasters like Deutsche Bank in the Germany crisis, Turkish debt being downgraded to junk,  the Chinese debt crisis, the Italian banking crisis, the Brexit impact, and the emerging US pension crisis have caused an unsustainable economic situation. In his interview he says, “In view of the gross overvaluation of virtually all financial assets in the world, diversifying into gold and silver is absolutely essential at this time.”

Every day we are closer to sky-rocketing prices of precious metals. We at Eagle European Capital, LLC concur with Embry’s analysis and conclusion that now is the time to purchase physical metals. 

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To read the entire article by John Embry click the link below.

by John Embry, Sept. 27, 2016


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