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October, 2017    

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Egon von Greyerz states, "Anyone who has the slightest knowledge of markets knows that it is the trillions of dollars of credit expansion and money printing that has created the biggest asset bubble in history and especially inflated stock markets." He believes that since our world economy is so dependent on ongoing injections of liquidity and credit, to stop feeding the world with debt will not only kill stock markets, but also, all other bubble markets. 

Stopping the insane money printing scheme will cause a collapse in the stock, property and credit markets which will result in panic in the financial system. As Central banks print more money than ever, the short-term effect will be beneficial, but when the world finally recognizes that paper money is worthless and the zeros on a computer can never create wealth - panic will result.

Greyerz believes, "The value of money and real assets, including many commodities like precious metals, food and agricultural land will increase in value. Money will of course hyperinflate as it is printed in unlimited quantities, while stocks, bonds and property will collapse in real times." Further, he states that it is time to invest in assets that will benefit from a collapse of "bubble" assets. From Greyerz' point of view, precious metals are his favorite for wealth preservation. 

We at Eagle European Capital LLC (EEC) agree with Greyerz that the best place to invest is in precious metals to preserve wealth. Gold and silver coins and bullion are low in price and readily available with much upside opportunity. 

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