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October,  2016   
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The Dodd-Frank bill which passed in 2010 gives the banks legal right to "bail-in" your hard-earned monies to "bail-out" the bank to prevent financial failure. Remember, when you deposit your money into your bank account, it is no longer your money, but becomes the property of the bank. "You become an unsecured creditor with a claim against the bank." 

This "legalized confiscation" has already happened in Cyprus, Greece and is legal in the USA, England, European Union, Canada and New Zealand. In Cyprus, depositors which became creditors of the bank lost as much as 60% of their monies. The banks closed and when they reopened, people had limited access to their monies. The insiders who knew in advance of this event had already moved their assets out of danger into other countries. 

Cyprus was a test run on what the elite can and may do here in the USA. If you think that the FDIC will take care of you, think again. Realize the FDIC have only a small percentage in reserves to cover your deposits. If a major bank fails in the USA or in a foreign country, people going to their bank en mass and requesting their money will causing a run on the banks. There would not be sufficient funds to support the level of demand for money in the banks and thus there would be major bank closures and failures.

Are you prepared for bank closings in the USA? Have you stored a second level of cash reserves outside the banks and in your personal possession? Have you stored wealth in God’s money, gold and silver coins and bullion, outside the banking system? 

Gold and silver precious metals have many advantages including: liquidity, ease of storage, does not spoil, can be transferred from generation to generation and, importantly, anonymity.

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