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October, 2013     
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In the article linked below, William Kaye, a savvy and well-connected hedge fund manager, addresses the takedown in gold and how it is orchestrated. Further, he details where gold is going from here. Ultimately, he sees a spectacular rise in gold.

Now let me clarify my position regarding the stock market and the gold and silver markets. I am convinced that beginning this month, October 2013, we will see a bear stock market. This decline will be much worse than the bear market in 2008. Why? It will be because our economic situation both in the U.S. and globally are now far more dire. Therefore, I believe as the stock markets collapse, gold and silver markets will bounce back and catapult beyond their prior values.

Now is the perfect time to purchase gold and silver at great prices before the herd begins to stampede in a buying frenzy for gold and silver metals forcing the market prices up. Call our offices today at 817-749-0080 to place your order. 7.749.0080 817.749.0080
Other ways to prepare for the coming economic decline are having no debt on your home, paying off debt, storing food and water, planting a garden and owning agricultural land. These are a few of the many ways you can protect and preserve yourself and your family.

Jill Taylor Gordon

"Savvy Hedge Fund Manager Addresses the Takedown of Gold and Predicts a Spectacular Rise in Price"
by William Kaye, October 2, 2013
Posted on KingWorldNews.com

 Please read this article carefully!
Click the link below to read this incredible article in it's entirety

Spectacular Rise in Gold Predicted

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