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November,  2015      
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Egon von Greser who is a legend for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events, is warning that the world is now on the precipice of massive financial destruction and complete chaos. He sees the stock market fueled by the central bank printing presses causing a debt infested world which will lead to hyperinflation and ultimately collapse. He states that there are global debts of $225 trillion and derivatives of $1.5 quadrillion that cannot be repaid with real money. While the central banks have managed to kick the economic collapse can down the street there will be a time of reckoning. Greser comments, “What is certain is that gold will at least maintain purchasing power and probably much more than that.”

We at Eagle European Capital, LLC agree that one of the best investments to protect your wealth during the economic collapse is gold and silver. The destruction of wealth is coming to those in the wrong investments. Now is the time to prepare while precious metals prices are low and product is readily available. So call us today at 817-825-2036 or 888-623-1239.

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Published November 27, 2015, in KingworldNews.com
by Egon von Greser


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