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November, 2014     
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Ron Rosen is a 60-year market veteran who discusses why the price of silver is headed to unimaginable heights. He states, "It’s called a ‘running correction,’ and a running correction leads to the biggest possible move that any commodity can make. And that’s where we are right now with silver." To understand why Rosen makes such incredible predictions, read the interview. (link below)

Is the US dollar an asset or a liability? Many think that it is an asset, but I disagree. This is only an illusion that can continue only until countries and people no longer trade with US dollars. The only thing backing the US dollar is the printing of fiat paper money. Nothing backs our US dollars since we went off the gold standard under President Nixon in 1971. Since no assets back the US dollar, except the printing press of the Federal Reserve, I make a case that in fact our US dollars are debt. They are called a Federal Reserve Note. Synonyms for a note are: bill, banknote or paper money. So a note can be a bill and paper money. That is exactly what we have - a bill called paper money! I don't know about you, but I don't want US bills! I want to own assets not liabilities!

Consider trading your fiat US paper debt for real physical assets like gold and silver coins. There will come a day when this scheme of our government will "unravel". One way to help protect your estate and your loved ones is to own physical gold and silver. Prices are incredibly low with short sellers manipulating the prices of gold and silver. Do not be fooled by this chicanery.

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Click on the Link below to read this incredible interview.


Please read this article carefully! (Click the Link)

Is The Price Of Silver Really Headed Over $250?

by Ron Rosen
, November 20,2014
Posted on KingWorldNews.com
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