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November, 2013     
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We all have heard that history repeats itself. Looking back to the 1970s which was a time of Great Inflation, people were destroyed financially as they held onto paper assets. In this article six-decade market veteran Ron Rosen states, "This time it will be much worse." He suggests taking a long-term approach when accumulating gold and silver. Current prices make this a good time to buy gold and silver coins.

Now let's address why the stock market did not correct in October. Nearly all the cyclical indicators are saying "sell" and yet the stock market continues higher. In today's QE (quantitative easing) or printing paper money environment, the QE has dictated the direction of the stock market. When they do taper QE, stocks will falter. If tapering does not occur or occurs very slowly then the market will continue higher. My view is that the risks are great staying fully invested in the stock market and the rewards are low.

Jill Taylor Gordon

"60 Year Market Veteran - This will be Much Worse, Now is the Time to Buy Gold and Silver!"
by Ron Rosen, November 5, 2013
Posted on KingWorldNews.com

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60-Year Market Veteran - People Missed 2 Amazing Charts

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