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May,  2016   

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Most people are familiar with the economic meltdown in 2008 that began with the failure of Lehman Brothers and the “too big to fail” mindset that proved erroneous. Now almost eight years later, we have the German banking giant Deutsche Bank in serious trouble. This bank is about three fold larger than Lehman Brothers was and the most important bank in the strongest economy in Europe – Germany. So if this bank implodes then the ripples would be felt globally. To find out more regarding the condition of this important bank and the SEC investigation, read this important article by Michael Snyder an attorney who keeps a watchful eye on world economics.

More importantly, are you and your family prepared for some economic difficulties ahead? One way to prepare for banking and economic crisis is to diversify out of bank and paper investments. Owning tangibles such as gold and silver coins and bullion will protect your wealth from the crisis ahead. Paper investments including US dollars are only worth what people will pay for them. Many nations no longer trade in US dollars nor even want to hold them. Prices and availability is still good so purchase your gold and silver coins and bullion today. Call us at 817-825-2036.

To read the complete article by Michael Snyder, click the link below.

Will Deutsche Bank Survive This Wave Of Trouble Or Will It Be The Next Lehman Brothers?
by Michael Snyder
, May 23, 2016

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