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March,  2016    

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Ted Butler is an independent Silver Analyst who has published precious metal commentaries on the internet since 1996. He is considered an icon in the precious metals industry with profound and relevant insight. Butler discovered that JPMorgan Chase, which is the largest US bank, has been accumulating large quantities of physical silver since 2011. He believes they hold the largest privately held stockpile of silver in history. He suggests that JPMorgan has positioned itself to profit when prices soar by taking such a large investment in silver. JPMorgan acquired Bear Stearns and took over their short seller role in the COMEX gold and silver futures contracts which enabled them to manipulate and drive the price of silver to $9 using massive short sales. Using the shorting of silver on price rallies and buying back those positions when the prices lowered reaped huge profits for them as the largest short seller in the COMEX. Ultimately, those who align themselves with owning physical silver will likely reap the financial benefits of astonishing proportions. To buy silver while it is still available, call our office at (888) 623-1239.

To read the complete article by Ted Butler and experience his incredible insight, click on the link below.

Five Years That Changed Silver Forever
By Ted Butler posted March 27, 2016 

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