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March, 2015  
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For now, the United States dominates the global financial system. However, the rest of the world is looking for an alternative to the United States' continuous wars, debt, spying, money printing, and arrogance. It is China who is providing the answers.

First, they are about to go live with the Chinese International Payment System (CIPS) which will provide a way for banks to transfer funds to one another, thus circumventing and ultimately superseding the US banking system and the US dollar.

The ringleader behind both the BRICS development bank (called the New Development Bank, or NDB) as well as the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is China. These multilateral development banks aim to end the dominance of the western-controlled World Bank and IMF. Included in the NDB are all the BRICS nations-- Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The founding members of the AIIB include China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, etc.

The AIIB, which was created in October by 21 countries will fund Asian energy, transport and infrastructure projects. Back in October, New Zealand was the first western nation to join AIIB. In mid-March 2015, Britain became the second western country to apply for membership. Now in this article, we read that Australia is making progress to become a founding member. Experts in banking have estimated that China would have a 67% shareholding in the new AIIB.

There is an anti-dollar movement going on globally with China leading the way. These new banks (NDB and AIIB) and alternative payment systems (CIPS) are replacing the US global financial system dominance. Many economist have predicted that by 2016, China will replace the US as the financial superpower of the world.

With this is in mind, consider reducing your exposure to US dollars and purchase real money which is gold and silver coins and bullion. Now is a great time to buy gold and silver at incredibly low prices and while it is readily available. When the general public wakes up and buys gold and silver coins, the prices will escalate and availability will diminish. Remember only 1% of the world owns gold so even doubling that ownership level to 2% will dramatically affect the gold and silver markets.

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Click on the Link below to read this eye-opening interview concerning Australia's joining China!


Please read this article carefully! (Click the Link)

Australia confirms it will join China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

by Katherine Murphy, March 28, 2015
Posted on theGuardian.com
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