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June, 2015  
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Alan Greenspan is the former Federal Reserve Chair who reveals his true "faith" by these words:

"Gold is a good place to put money these days given its value as a currency outside of the policies conducted by governments."

I agree that having wealth outside US government policies is not only wise, but necessary. Many people are waking up to the destruction of our American economy through fiscally irresponsible polices and expenditures. The US role as the world economic superpower is ending as China is forging bilateral trade agreements, spearheading a BRICS bank and forming huge multilateral trade associations. Further, China continues to purchase vast quantities of gold and silver. I believe it is likely that China owns much more gold than Fort Knox ever did. Take note in this article (link below) that Greenspan states that gold will be "measurably" higher in 5 years.

As for silver, JP Morgan is aggressively accumulating physical silver by the hundreds of millions of ounces. They have accumulated the largest amount of physical silver by a private entity in U.S. history! It is three times the 100 million ounces acquired by the Hunt Brothers in 1980 when silver soared to the $50 level. It was a wild moment. And today is even more wild.

JP Morgan obviously thinks silver is going up, and so do we. Your patience today will be well rewarded in a future rise. With the current low prices and availability, consider protecting your wealth in the form of tangible gold and silver coins and bullion. Visit our website to place your order today. www.eagleeuropeancapital.com

Check Out this incredible article: (Click the title)

Alan Greenspan: Gold Standard Not Possible In Welfare State


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