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July, 2017    
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Egon von Greverz, who became a legend for accurate predictions regarding QE and currency moves, now warns of the impending risk of economic disaster.

He details the history of money which began as gold and silver, but, in order to make trading easier, was eventually replaced by paper currency. Originally, paper money was "backed" by the silver or gold held by the bank. 

However, corrupt bankers and governments began to leverage the silver and gold and finally, our money became a "fiat" currency with no gold or silver backing. He calls this “Fake Money” which is simply an "electronic entry." 

Most Bank assets and liabilities are electronic entries. Money is leveraged, as are stocks, by issuing ETF's or futures.
Greverz recommends: the way to protect oneself is to own hard assets, held directly by the investor, such as property, farmland, forest, or mineral assets. He suggests, however, that these assets are "not practical" for most people to own.

As an alternative, he states, “Instead, the perfect asset to protect against the risks in the financial system, is of course, physical gold or silver, stored safely outside the system, and preferably outside your country of residence. This is not the time to trust "Fake news" or "Fake assets". Only real assets will protect you.”

We at Eagle European Capital, LLC (EEC) agree with Greverz’ assessment of the importance of owning real assets like physical gold and silver held outside the system. 

Gold and silver coins and bullion have been a transportable store of wealth for thousands of years, and we believe it is the best asset class to protect you and your family during economic disaster. 

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