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July, 2015  
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Although this groundbreaking news has gotten little attention, Texas is moving forward to open its own state gold depository with the intention of repatriating about $1 billion worth of gold.

This gold is currently held in an underground vault in Manhattan, NY. The man leading this effort is Rep. Giovanni Capriglione. The passage of HB 483 into law creates the first state-level facility in the United States with the expressed intent of providing private individuals and entities the ability to purchase goods and use the depository assets like cash.

Essentially people can circumvent the Federal Reserve by transactions backed by gold stored in the Texas Bullion Depository. Rep. Capriglione says, "This could very well make the Federal Reserve System unnecessary.

This reminds me that in 2013 Germany began repatriating gold reserves from the New York Fed and Banque de France. I recall they were given a seven year delivery timeline by the New York Feds. The move was explained as a preemptive in case of a currency crisis. However, this is a clear indication of loss of public confidence in central banks.

These events lend credibility to the fact that our economic situation is in dire straits not only in the US, but also globally. Our economies are so interconnected that when one economy falls it affects other countries kind of like the "butterfly effect". If foreign countries see the importance of owning gold, we should take note. Now is a great time to protect your wealth by owning tangible assets like gold and silver coins and bullion. The prices are still low and availability is still good with a little delay on silver from the US Mint. Go to: www.eagleeuropeancapital.com/products

Check Out this eye-opening article: (Click the title)

Texas Gold Depository To Circumvent Federal Reserve System; Will Accept Bitcoin


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