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January,  2017   
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In this article by Stephen Leeb, he discusses the three existential commodities: food, energy, and water, appropriately represented by the acronym "FEW". While it is obvious these commodities are essential to survival, they are deeply interconnected since a scarcity in one, results in scarcity in all. 

The U.S. is dependent on critical resources from other countries, especially China. So, read this article to gain understanding in how the upcoming, inevitable, trade wars will make a very convincing case for owning gold and silver. 

As commodity producers become unwilling to take paper money in exchange for tangible resources, being able to trade with gold and silver will be essential. 

We at Eagle European Capital, LLC understand and agree that owning physical gold and silver precious metals is one of the most important strategies to mitigate the risk in owning paper assets. Prices are still extremely low and product is still readily available. 

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Click the link below to read this very interesting and eye-opening article.

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