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January, 2015  
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According to 90-year old newsletter writer Richard Russell, the stock market is overbought and overpriced with an all-time high price-to-sales ratio. The Shiller Cyclically Adjusted PE (CAPE) Ratio for the S&P is at 27 with that level having been exceeded only twice before in history Ė in 1929 and 2000. In his view, and by almost all orthodox valuations, the current market is seriously overvalued and long overdue for a correction or a bear market.

Noteworthy is China's intention to back its currency, the Yuan with gold. According to Russell, " History shows us that gold heads to the most powerful nation." He further states, " When all fiat currencies are lost, gold will be the last man standing. Sooner or later I believe we will see a panic for physical gold."

Gold has risen by 5.9% from the 12-30-14 closing of $1,206 per oz. to $1,277.50 per oz. on 01-16-15. Silver has also risen 5.9% since 12-31-14. Major money managers are rotating a percentage of their client portfolios into gold and silver. Just the drop of the US 10-Year bond to 1.82% alone could signal the beginning of a major rotation into precious metals.

Both Russell and Eagle European Capital, LLC urge readers to buy physical gold and silver now while it is still available at especially low prices.

"Buy Gold And Silver While Itís Still Available As China To Back Yuan With Gold." by Richard Russell

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Buy Gold And Silver While Itís Still Available As China To Back Yuan With Gold

by Richard Russell, January 14, 2015
Posted on KingWorldNews.com
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