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February,  2017   
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Michael Snyder writes that the "Real Economy" is in a mess and the current Stock Market valuations are not sustainable. 

After March 15, 2017, according to David Stockman, an expert on the economy and former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, 'everything will come to a halt' when the debt ceiling under Obama and Boehner freezes at $20 trillion.

Essentially, by summer, the USA will be out of cash. Stockman suggests that the Stock Market will likely correct by 20% or more at that time.

We at Eagle European Capital, LLC., believe one way to prepare for economic disaster is to own real tangibles like precious metals. Owning gold and silver coins and bullion provides a hedge and store of wealth when the economy is in shambles. 

Historically, people flee to gold and silver, often called "a crisis commodity", during periods of economic uncertainty. One thing we can be certain of is this: 

We are entering a period of uncertainty

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