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December, 2014     
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Kevin Wides of Switzerland makes a case using historical information in
chart form that gold may be set to skyrocket. Wides states, "The Russian
Rouble and Japanese Yen have shown how gold can protect the man in the street
from a local currency crisis and devaluation."

The US dollar may be strong for now, but with the continuous printing of the
US dollar this aberration will soon bust. Soon the American people will understand
what most of the world already knows, the dollar is worthless. America
is bankrupt and hopefully Americans will wake up before the next financial

This time the economic problems of 2008 will be multiplied and the place
to be invested in is real, tangible assets like physical gold and silver.

Now is the time to take advantage of the low precious metals prices and
protect you and your family from the next financial collapse. Paper money
is simply "only worth the paper it is printed on". Historically, gold and silver have
been used to protect wealth. Now is the time.

Is The Price Of Gold Set To Skyrocket?

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Is The Price Of Gold Set to Skyrocket?

by Kevin Wides, December 21,2014
Posted on KingWorldNews.com
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