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August, 2017    
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In this interview with Victor Sperandeo, who manages over $3 billion in assets, and has been in the business 45 years, and has worked with famous people like George Soros, he warns why the gold and silver markets are exploding and prices are rising. Sperandeo states that China's Shanghai stock market is experiencing record highs and is the major buyer of precious metals and as such is forcing up all metals pricing.

Sperandeo further states that the US economy is in trouble and he will short (sell) the "insanely overvalued" US stock market as he sees a horrific downturn coming and long (own) gold and silver. He advises that as the US stock market begins to plunge, the price of gold and silver will surge.

Sperandeo runs in the same circles as some of the wealthiest people in the world. He has a vantage point that few people ever attain. If he sees trouble on the horizon for US stock markets and a windfall for gold and silver, should we not consider his advice? He suggests that this is a wake-up call for the world to see and act to protect your wealth while Gold & Silver is readily available.

We at Eagle European Capital, LLC (EEC) agree with Sperandeo's assessment of the importance of owning real assets like physical gold and silver. Protect yourself and your family now before the stock market drops and the prices of gold and silver rise dramatically. We believe it is the best asset class for financial protection during economic disaster.

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