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August, 2013     
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Most people have seen on television the financial crisis going on in Detroit. However, many Americans do not realize how many states, cities and companies in the U.S. are in a similar situation with unfunded or underfunded pensions. Many Americans who were looking forward to retirement with a pension and healthcare benefits will not receive what they were promised. Even retirees that have been receiving retirement benefits may have a rude wakening when their benefits are reduced.

Being and staying informed about your pension is just one step in preparing for your household. You may want to check the current funding status of your pension plan. If you perceive danger in your pension plan, then take steps now to plan ahead for a reduction. Please take time to read our research article of the month (see link below) that covers this looming threat in detail.
Jill Taylor Gordon

"The Coming Retirement Crisis will Shake America to the Core!"
by Michael Snyder, June 23, 2013
Posted on infowars.com

 Please read this article carefully!
Click the link below to read this incredible article in it's entirety

  Article: The Coming Retirement Crisis

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