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April, 2017    
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While the Dow is near an all-time-high of 21,000 and the Nasdaq passed the 6,000 level for the first time, some tech companies worth billions of dollars are losing money. Would it surprise you that a well-known company such as Twitter has never made a yearly profit and still has a market cap of 11.5 billion dollars? 

Snyder asks a poignant question, “How can a company that has never made a single penny be worth more than 11 billion dollars?”

According to Graham Summers, the stock market price to sales (P/S) ratio is more inflated than it was just before the 2008 stock market crash. 

Price to sales ratio is one of the most objective ways to measure stock values because manipulation of sales numbers can send someone to jail. 

Further, Bill King states that the S&P 500 bears a P/S ratio much higher than in 2007 and only slightly lower than the Tech Bubble. 

Almost all valuation indicators point to a bubble of  massive scale. Further, according to history, market bubbles, ultimately, all come to an end.

We at Eagle European Capital, LLC believe owning tangible and transportable assets like gold and silver coins are a means to protect one’s wealth in a time of great uncertainty. Today, we are in a time of great uncertainty.

An additional benefit of owning precious metals: they are in your possession. 

So, call us today to learn more about owning precious metals. 

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Have We Just Reached Peak Stock Market Absurdity?
By Michael Snyder - April 26th, 2017

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