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April, 2015  
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Richard Russell, the 90-year-old newsletter writer, suggests in the next year or so we will see the death of fiat currencies and likely the Federal Reserve and other central banks. As discussed in the last newsletter, China is leading nations to circumvent and supersede the US banking system and the US dollar.

Russell states, "A nation should issue its own currency which is backed by gold or silver. The Constitution made no mention of a central bank and Im sure the founding fathers would have disapproved of the banking cartel which is better known as the Federal Reserve."

His advice is to hold gold and silver and prepare for precious metals prices to skyrocket. My advice is the same: buy gold and silver coins and bullion now while prices are below the cost of production and readily available. When the general public wakes up, physical silver will become scarce.

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Click on the Link below to read this eye-opening interview concerning the skyrocketing prices!


Please read this article carefully! (Click the Link)

Richard Russell Skyrocketing Gold And Silver Prices Ahead As Global Crisis Accelerates

by Richard Russell, April 16, 2015
Posted on KingWorldNews.com
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