Congratulations on your decision to invest in precious metals. Getting started with Eagle European Capital, LLC is easy. Follow the steps below to purchase from this trustworthy source.

Step 1 – Call Us

Contact us by phone at one of the numbers below.

Toll free: 888-623-1239
Local: 817-749-0080
Fax #: 817-416-6587 (for information data only)

Step 2 – Order Estimate

A precious metals representative will listen and provide suggestions for the proper mix of allocations and types that best suit individual investment needs. The representative will give a verbal or written email estimate. Please note that these estimates are based on current prices, which fluctuate daily.

Therefore, all estimates may change between the current date and placing of the actual order. No order will be placed until good funds are received and the client is contacted to make the actual purchase. Your price includes insurance and delivery of product to your address of record.

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