Product Types


The products pictured on this web site and offered by EEC represent a small sample of the different coins and bullion available. We choose to offer these coins for such factors as familiarity, liquidity, price and reporting requirements. For example, some very common gold and silver coins and bars require a 1099-B issued to the IRS and the seller when sold in certain quantities. Based on our research, we suggest investment in the coins and bullion featured on this web site. We recommend purchasing coins since as protection against potential fraud through gold wrapping. Coins wrapped in gold as opposed to pure gold content have a detectable difference in weight. Typically, gold bars present a form that proves much easier to wrap, thus are more susceptible to fraud. We use wholesaler sources with proven reliability during many years of business operation. However, by purchasing coins rather than bars, you can further reduce such a risk.

Although we recommend specific products, we have the ability to offer almost any gold or silver metal coins or bullion available for purchase. If you prefer other coins and bullion, just let us know so we can accommodate your request.
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