Eagle European Capital, LLC endeavors to offer clients precious metal bullion and coins at fair and competitive prices, while maintaining the highest level of integrity. Our goal is to provide a trustworthy source for the purchase of precious metals.
Most paper currencies in the world are fiat currencies, meaning without the backing of any objective standard such as the gold standard. The printing of such currency debases the value of the currency over time. With the current financial uncertainty due to the lack of our government’s monetary accountability and responsibility, we conclude that everyone should have an allocation in gold and silver coins and bullion. We believe that gold and silver coins and bullion are the most honest form of money and a place of stored value.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines numismatics as the study or collection of coins, tokens and paper money and sometimes, related objects (as medals). In the industry, numismatics are coins that have a value over their precious metals content with factors such as scarcity, demand, grade and condition. Examples of numismatic coins are Saint- Gaudens, Liberty and proof coins. Semi-numismatic coins contain some value over their precious metals content in their demand. Some examples of semi-numismatics are the British Sovereign and Swiss Franc, which also represent legal tender in the countries where they were made. Bullion may come in coin or bar form with its value based upon the precious metal content and cost of fabrication. The mark-up on bullion coins and bars is generally the lowest.
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