Getting Started


There are a few simple steps. Call Eagle European Capital, LLC and ask for IRA specialist, Jill Taylor Gordon, CFP, MBA and RIA. She will explain this process step-by-step, answer questions, and help you with how to set up and fund an IRA with precious metals, using an LLC.

1. Set up and fund the IRA
To start the process, first complete the IRA paperwork. An IRA account will be set up with an IRS approved Self-Directed Custodian. The old custodian will be contacted and directed to transfer your IRA to the new custodian. You may transfer all or part of your retirement plan into the IRA. There are many retirement plans that can roll over into an IRA. These include IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b) etc. This is considered a roll over and therefore is not a taxable event.

2. Open and fund an LLC
Complete the account paperwork to open your LLC naming your Self-Directed IRA as the LLC owner. The LLC Operating Agreement and Subscription Agreement have to be precisely worded. This is not a typical LLC. As the manager, you cannot take any compensation nor have any self-dealings unless you have an exception from the DOL. The completed SS-4 from will be sent to the IRS for an EIN for the LLC bank account.

3. Set up the LLC bank account
Set up an LLC bank account wherever you wish. Complete paperwork with the custodian to transfer your IRA monies to the LLC bank account. You are now ready to invest using the LLC checkbook. The LLC holds all assets, protected by the nature of a LLC.

4. Purchase your precious metals using your LLC
Call to place your precious metals order for your LLC. Wire your LLC funds to Eagle European Capital, LLC for the appropriate amount of precious metals you wish to purchase. Your metals will be delivered to you.

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