EEC Advantages


Physical Possession: You can have physical possession of your IRA precious metals when you follow IRS requirements. Not all precious metals companies are aware of the criteria for holding metals personally. Some trust companies require holding of your metals in a depository of their choice. With our sources, you keep physical control of your precious metal coins.

Experience: With over twenty years of financial planning experience, including IRA and retirement planning, we can walk you through the entire process step-by-step. Not all companies are familiar with meeting the criteria necessary to personally hold your physical precious metals in an IRA. We are a telephone call away to walk you through the process.

Knowledge: We have relationships with companies that can process your retirement plan into a precious metals IRA. Our sources have been in the business for many years and have the expertise necessary to enable and streamline the precious metals IRA.

Product Delivery: We will deliver the precious metals to you for holding in your physical possession. While we do not recommend storing your metals at a depository, this option exists as well.

Discount on the LLC Set Up Cost: We have negotiated a discount for all of our clients. You must go through us to receive this discount. Also, be advised that a regular LLC does not have the specific language that satisfies all of the IRA codes and requirement, and the Department of Labor (DOL). All rules must be strictly followed.

Best Interest of Clients: While EEC negotiated a discount for the LLC set up cost, we do not receive any payment for clients sent to sources for IRA or LLC establishment. Our goal is to provide connections for clients with companies that share our commitment to integrity while helping investors grow and protect their wealth. Although we do profit from trading precious metals, we do not take advantage of our clients, nor will we sell personal information. We assist your initiate contact with recommended LLC and IRA trust companies and we act only as liaisons so that you may benefit from any negotiated discount.
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